Egg Benedict Face

My mnemonic for memorizing all the notes of any 3 or 4 notes chord built by harmonizing the C major scale.

Ever tried to memorize the notes a chord is made of? I did - and in the process I ended up googling for images of "Egg Benedict Face".

Image copyright:Jenifer Mohebbi

The idea is simple: stacking thirds on C, using only the notes from C major - only the white keys on a piano. You cover two octaves before you end up back at C and start all over again:


Then you bend this into a circle, since it behaves like a snake eating its own tail:

Congratulations, you can now spell any triad or seventh chord from the C major key:
triadsseventh chords
C = C E GCmaj7 = C E G B
Em = E G BEm7 = E G B D
G = G B DGmaj7 = G B D F
Bdim = B D FBm7b5 = B D F A
Dm = D F ADm7 = D F A C
F = F A CFmaj7 = F A C E
Am = A C EAm7 = A C E G
...and all you had to memorize was:

Egg Benedict Face

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